First Aid (adult and pediatric)

First Aid (adult and pediatric)

Cost: $35

YMCA STAFF- must have American Heart Association cards!  cost $35 +$20 AHA cards+ $55

In this class you will learn the importance of proper patient assessment. After a thorough evaluation of the patient you will learn skills such as:

  • bleeding control,
  • immobilization of fractures, strains, and sprains,
  • burn care,
  • care for shock, and
  • how to care for many medical emergencies such as Asthma, Diabetics, Seizures, Anaphylactic shock, and many more.

This class is for the non-healthcare provider, such as:

  • daycare provider
  • personal trainer
  • coach
  • school teacher
  • construction worker

This class is not for the healthcare provider, such as:

  • EMT
  • RN
  • CNA
  • LVN

The Emergency Medical Services Authority of California (EMSA) has approved this class. The EMSA approval meets the needs for daycare providers and OSHA requirements. Participants will receive a course completion card valid for two years. (Mobile devices you need to turn your phone sideways to view calendar)

If you also need CPR training, we offer a Combo CPR & First Aid (adult and pediatric) class.

First Aid (adult and pediatric)

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Take an in person class in San Diego, Oceanside, Riverside, or Orange County. If you are looking for an entertaining, informative, and thorough class this is it

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Wherever you are, you can take an online and accredited class instead of spending your weekend in a classroom. The training is interesting and informative and is accepted by many employers.

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I have been taking CPR for about 25 years, I think I have taken it at least 8 times. This was by far the best, most informative, clearly communicated class I have ever taken.

By the way, my staff agrees!

Love this CPR provider! The teacher is always on point and keeps it interesting, even after the 5th time renewing throughout my career. Highly recommend!

Becoming CPR certified was a requirement for work and I was dreading the class. I was so pleasantly surprised how interesting and fun this class was!!! The time flew by and I left the class knowing the basics of CPR! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

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