No one likes to be told that they are wrong… But unfortunately many people believe some common myths that simply aren’t true. Here are 7 CPR & First Aid Myths that are extremely false!CPR & First Aid Myths

1-You do CPR to an unconscious person to wake them up

Unfortunately this isn’t the truth. Doing chest compressions and providing rescue breaths is to simply continue blood flow to the brain. This allows them to be revived and suffer minimal brain damage. It is extremely important to call Emergency Medical Services because they can bring the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which will restart the person’s heart.

2- If someone is having a seizure, they are going to swallow their tongue

We aren’t sure if you have ever tried to swallow your tongue, but it hasn’t worked for us! If someone falls to the ground and begins to seize up, move any furniture they could hit and place a pillow or rolled up shirt under their head to cushion it from the ground. Call Emergency Medical Services immediately and do not try to restrain the person or stick anything into the person’s mouth.

3- If you put (mustard/mayonnaise/toothpaste/etc) on a burn, it will help the healing processmustard

This myth actually does the opposite. If you put anything on a burn other than cold water, it insulates the burning process and drives the burn deeper into the flesh. We apologize to your grandmother, but her home remedies only hurt you. Run your burn under cool water and seek medical attention if it is more than a first degree burn.

4-If someone gets bitten by a snake, you should try to suck the venom out 

Good luck trying… The venom is shot into the bloodstream towards the heart and is long gone from where you are currently sucking on someone’s arm. Don’t try to suck the venom out, instead keep the bite below the heart and stay calm as you seek medical attention.

ToothLost-29175- If a child’s tooth gets knocked out, it’s ok because it is going to come out anyways

As logical as this seems, there could have been damage to the root of the tooth or the jaw. Call your dentist in any case where a child’s tooth is knocked out if it wasn’t already naturally loose.

6- If someone is having an allergic reaction, you should use a pen to perform an emergency tracheotomy 

This isn’t an episode of ER from the 90’s. Leave the tracheotomies to the doctors and use the Epi-Pen the person most likely has on them. Call 911 even after using the pen so that the person can be evaluated and treated properly.

7- If you get stung by a jellyfish, you have to urinate on the sting

So this actually has some truth to it. Urine contains ammonia which helps neutralize the sting, however we suggest that you go see the lifeguard who has spray that does the same thing!


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