Children typically don’t need CPR because of sudden cardiac arrest. Most of the time it is respiratory problems. They stop breathing due to choking, drowning, poisoning, or overdose. The first two minutes of care are critical to get this child breathing again. Once you find an unresponsive, non breathing child, you yell for help and tell someone to call 911. However if you are alone you would not leave the child! Care for the child for 2 minutes of CPR, about 5 sets of CPR (30/2). If no one has responded to your calls for help, then leave and call 911.
Children are smaller and more pliable than adults. Because of this, we can use only one hand to perform chest compression’s. Place the heel of one hand center line of the chest, between the nipples.

Compress the chest 30 times, approximately 2 inches deep.

Try to keep the free hand on the forehand. This will help maintain an open airway.

After 30 compression, provide 2 rescue breaths. Repeat for 5 sets or about two minutes. If no one has called 911, you must leave the child and call at this time.

If the child is large or you have problems compressing with one hand CPR, you can use two hands. The depth will still be approximately 2 inches deep.