man-937384_960_720In San Diego, Summer doesn’t end when school is in session. According to, the average temperature in San Diego is 76 degrees Fahrenheit which puts all citizens at a risk for heat stroke. This medical emergency should not be taken likely, 911 should be called and First Aid should be administered immediately. Paired with dehydration, Heat Stroke is the most dangerous heat related injury. Heat Stroke is defined as having a core body temperature of 105 degrees which causes injuries to all parts of the body. Below are four symptoms that you should be aware of that point directly to this dangerous illness.



Fainting: The most obvious sign of internal turmoil is a complete shutdown of bodily functions. This is the first and most easily identifiable symptom and 911 should be called immediately if loss of consciousness occurs.


Nausea and Vomiting: This is not just your average flu virus. If you or someone you know has been exposed to high temperatures and then experience these symptoms, immediately apply first aid and seek medical attention.


Red, Hot, and Dry Skin: When absurd heat fails to produce sweat and begins to dry out the skin, it often times leads to Heat Stroke. If someone begins to experience other symptoms along with red, hot, and dry skin, get the victim out of the sun and begin to hydrate with water or sports drinks.


Change in Consciousness: When a victim begins to experience a rapid change in their behavior, often times the cause is Heat Stroke. The behavior is usually erratic and uncalled for, and many often describe it as being as being similar to drunkenness. If this rapid change in behavior occurs, seek medical attention.


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